131 Method - The online program

This program changed my life!!

👉 I used to think waking up with aches and pains was just a byproduct of getting older.
👉 I used to think the chronic C-section incision pain I've lived with for 19 years could only be resolved with surgery. (It never healed properly)
👉 I used to think eating every 2-3 hours was required for my goals.
👉 I used to think my constant nausea was normal because, for me, it's something I've dealt with my entire life.
👉 I used to think as long as I expended more calories than I consumed, and paid attention to portions, I'd be able to manage my weight.

I was WRONG on all counts!

Before the 131 Method came into my life, I followed a portion control system that literally used nothing more than my current weight to calculate my daily nutritional intake. Never realizing how absolutely RIDICULOUS that concept is! How can my weight be the only factor in what I should eat?? How can a program ever be "one size fits all"??

I've learned so much about my body and how different foods effect everything from my mood to my pain. Once I gained that knowledge, and implemented the eating strategy, I no longer woke up with aches and pains, I slept better than I had in years, my nausea was GONE, and, for the first time in 19 years, so was my incision pain!! NO MORE PAIN MEDS FOR ME!!. I'm no longer tethered to a portion control system, I no longer feel like I'm chained to the kitchen, I no longer feel like I'm constantly eating or thinking about eating! And the kicker was that I lost 20 lbs in the process!! 10 of that was in the first 5 days!! I changed nothing about my activity level during that process. But I had so much energy I felt like I could've done that 3 workouts each day!

A new round of the online program starts every Monday and I want you to join my exclusive private FB group filled with people just like YOU who are ready to stop dieting and start LIVING!

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131 Method - The book


Diets are Dumb. You Aren't.

You’re smart. You’re sick of gimmicks and trendy diets that leave you with frustration and a slower metabolism. The 131 Method gets to the root of the problem—gut health—and delivers a personalized solution to wellness, hormone balance, and permanent weight loss based on the Nobel Prize–winning science of autophagy and diet phasing. A Nobel Prize-winning solution to healthy weight loss that doesn't slow down your metabolism. Finally, a science-based solution that’s actually doable!

The 131 Method isn’t a one size fits all diet. It’s how to eat a diet that works for your body, shifts your thinking and improves your life! The 131 Method is a 3-phase, 12-week solution, that’s personalized every step of the way. Click below to pre-order your copy of the 131 Method book, which will be available April 16th!